Are You Cut Out for a Career In Real Estate?

Depending on how the real estate company position themselves, they may market a specific real estate more than others and this may also limit the agent’s chance of selling. Furthermore, because of the competitive environment of real estate, the agent may find it harder to make the sale compared to agents in other who are targeting the same market.

More than the tasks involved in making the sale, the real estate agent must be able to manage his clients and he must again possess certain personal characteristics to be successful.

First of all, an agent must be knowledgeable to manage his clients as some of these may be investors, or in other words, repeat buyers. In order to do this, he must know his material, inside out. He must know the different prices per square meter. He must at least know the amenities of his properties. He must be able to understand and adapt to what the customers want and be able to quickly provide recommendations to these buyers.

Secondly, an agent must be sociable in managing these clients so that they may be able to refer him to their friends and this is called networking. By networking, he is able to capture a new customer base or expand an existing one in a faster amount of time and requiring less effort. The agent must be able to mingle with his clients, to tell them jokes, and make them feel good. He must be able to earn their trust.

Finally, on top of selling and managing clients, the real estate agent must manage his time to be able to improve himself. He must attend trainings. Some of these may be sponsored by the company and some of these he pays for himself. Through these trainings, he must be able to be updated with the recent developments in order to answer his clients’ queries. He must be able to see new selling techniques and adapt to the personalities of the next generation to have a sustainable customer base.

These are the things that a real estate agent does- selling property, managing clients, and improving himself to differentiate from other agents. Yes, there are many things to do. Yes, there are many risks financially. Yes, there are many obstacles and trials that will test the agent’s character- his patience, his fortitude, his confidence, and his will, among other things. However, once he is able to make the sale and manage his clients well, everything pays off- the hard work, the sacrifices, and the risks. The commission he gains may be three to four times the salary of a day job employee. Compared to a day job, he is able to be free from the set schedule of being at the office from 9AM to 6AM. More importantly, he also is able to improve himself- increase his knowledge and strengthen his personality.

Yes, the life of a real estate agent is not an easy one. There are many things and tests for him. Despite this, he is willing to take the risks because he knows the rewards are great and these rewards- the financial gain, the time freedom, the network, and the self-improvement, among others, are what the real estate agent works for.

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